2019 Endurance Membership (YOU NEED THIS ONE TO RACE IN THE 6HR)


Full Member

Race membership to enable you to compete in the 2019 6hr

  • Disclaimer - Conditions of Membership I agree to uphold the good name of the NWLMRA and abide by the current Handbook. My membership subscription will expire at the next Annual & General Meeting. I am competent to take part; Any Racing Lawn Mower that I use will be safe & fit for competition. At any event I attend, I will satisfy myself (by sighting lap or otherwise) before taking part that the venue & track is acceptable to me with regard to its features & physical layout (unless prohibited to do so). I will NOT enter or take part in any competition where I have a doubt as to my safety. I will tell you immediately if, for any reason, I believe that I am no longer able to satisfy the terms of this Membership Application or I become aware that I have become unable to compete due to physical or other disability. I will tell you, before racing, of any medical condition I have, that you may need to advise to a medical professional, in the case of an emergency.
    • I Agree to Conditions of Membership

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